Charts are not found in Toolbox of VS2013

I am developing application on Wince8. I need to represent my data in form of charts. Visual studio 2013 professional does not provide charts in its toolbox when developing a windows embedded compact form.

To what charts are you referring?

.NET Compact framework does not include charting controls. You will have to create your own or use 3th party ones.
I did some googling and there are some charting controls out there →

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We did test the MooseWorks software and @Guilherme.Fernandes from our Brazil office even did a blog post about it:

Hi, I’m Keith Welch with Mooseworks Software. We have a graph and trend graph for CE. You can find them at There are demo versions and samples. Let me know if you have any questions.

@luka.pvk. Thank you Sir for your reply. I tried all the controls given on the link you sent. They do not support .net compact framework 3.9.