Changing MAC address on T20 using SetMACAddress() from SysInfoLib

I need to change the MAC address of our modules from the Toradex supplied MAC address to one from a block assigned to my company, so that our devices appear on the network as being manufactured by ourselves.

I am using SetMACAddress() from SysInfoLib to do this. The function appears to work and if I then call GetMACAddress() then my new MAC address is returned. However the MAC address on the module does not actually change, even after a reboot.

I noticed that the MAC address is also stored in the registry in:
If I clear the registry and reboot then my new MAC address becomes active. Should the SetMACAddress() function also update that registry location? Or is it up to me to remember to also edit the registry? I don’t want to have to clear the registry as I want to preserve other changes that have been made to it.

You are right, that this actually could be an issue for most customers using that function on the T20. The MAC address should also be updated in the registry. I will add an issue to our bug tracking system, so we can fix that in a later release.