Changes in SS using Configblock editor stopped booting Windows CE

I am using Colibri-T20 module, Windows CE 7.
I changes the splash screen resolution(Width and Height) using Config Block editor software provided by toradex. After Reset the OS itself has stopped loading. What is that we have to do next?

Please check first if the module does not boot at all or just if the image or even only the display output does not work. To do that, attache a serial cable and try to enter the bootloader menu. This is described here. If you still can enter here, you could clear all the “ss” settings done by typing “x” to enter the bootloader command line and then type “clear ss”.

If your device does not boot at all and you not even see the bootloader, you can use the recovery mode to flash a new image. The procedure is described here.

Thank you. I have used recovery mode and flashed new image of windows CE. But still i am not sure of the reason due to which this problem arised. Is there any serious bug with config block editor software ?

Thank you.

@centurymetering: Could you once do the change you did again and check in the bootloader meneu which config block settings have changed? You see all the changed sections marked with a " * ".