Change the OS torizon Core to Yacto

Here I am using IMX7 SOM module with colibri evalution board for developing the test applications of gpio.
I am following the quickstart guide which is provided by toradex.
After following some steps, I am getting error regarding docker commands.
So, I decided to change the os Torizone core to Yacto.
How can I change the OS torizone core to Yacto please guide us to change my OS.

Please read this:

Greetings @TRINU,

As @MariusM has already shared please use our Toradex Easy Installer tool in order to change between different OS images.

If you could, would you please share what errors did you experience and for what steps? I would like to see if there’s an error in our documentation that must be fixed or perhaps some misunderstanding.

Best Regards,