Change init system from "sysvinit" to "busybox" in Yocto Project

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to change my init system from “sysvinit” to “busybox” in Yocto Project.
I followed some instructions provided by a patch, where is described to add (I imagine in local.conf file):


However, when I add the last line “DISTRO_FEATURES_BACKFILL_CONSIDERED += "sysvinit"” an error is presented. This one is related with “libdigest-sha1-perl” package and when I remove this package the error persists. I imagine that other package should dependence from this one.

Apparently, no error is presented, but I change the above described to this:

Is this the best way to do this change? There is another way?
Should I be seeing rc1.d, rc2.d, rcn.d directories if busybox changes worked?


Leandro Candido

Hi @Leandro

Could you provide the software version of your module? Which git branch are you compiling?
What is your application?

Best regards, Jaski

Hi @jaski.tx

SRCBRANCH = “toradex_vf_4.4”

SRCREV = “e0f2806138a4eeb3c31abe0e0e767d0f6d9a13a3”

My application is about weight in motion.

Leandro Candido

Thanks for this Information. Did you try out the patch you mentioned? Did it work?

We are using systemd in our Bsp, which works perfectly. Why do you want to use busybox?