Change from wince7 to linux in toradex apalis evaluation board v1.1A

i installed the wince7 in Board but i want to change that to Linux.
now i am in this
alt text
i tried i cant please from this .
once more i tried i cant get that…
alt text
i am using Aplais evaluation board v1.1A.

Installing Embedded Linux to an Apalis iMX6 module currently running WinCE/WEC is only possible via recovery mode. Either using the new Toradex Easy Installer with its shell script or the legacy update procedure with the -d argument to the shell script. Both will only transfer the Toradex Easy Installer resp. U-Boot over USB and execute it in the targets RAM. Subsequently you will therefore have to actually flash your desired Embedded Linux BSP either hitting the install button or doing the run setupdate; run update with a previously prepared update media (e.g. SD card or USB memory stick) plugged in.