Change display orientation by 180 degrees with wayland

Hello @ashok.tx,

We have tried changing display orientation by modifying fbcon using rotate_all function, but this only rotates the fb not Weston screen.

I have also tried modifying weston.ini, but result was unsuccessful.

Request support from you for changing display and input orientation by 180.

BSP: Linux colibri-imx6-05189960 5.4.129-5.4.0-devel+git.9443377ef940

Hi @Gowthami

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I quickly checked with Upstream image and it worked smoothly with the qt5 image. you have to apply the changes to weston.ini as

@ashok.tx Thank you for the reply.

And the above solution is working only for multimedia image not for tdx-reference-minimal-image.

Can you test Image with your solution and let me know working or not.


One more thing we want to clarify with you
The Upstream Image what you have sent using weston 8 and we have tried to build tdx-reference-multimedia-image and it is using weston 9 and the display orientation not working as well.

Hi @Gowthami

Yes,Upstream image uses weston v8 and I built the tdx-reference-multimedia image just changing the DISTRO on local.conf to tdx-xwayland-upstream.

@ ashok.tx

We are trying to modify the Distro as tdx-xwayland-upstream but where do you set the Display Resolution for Upstream images ?

Hi @Gowthami

Similar to download stream, you have to use device tree overlays for upstream kernel(toradex_5.4.y)also.Please refer to the device tree overlay article

Hello @ashok.tx

Resolution we tried with modifying the display-vga_overlay.dts and working successfully but the rotation is working only for weston not from the booting.

We are trying to rotate the framebuffer using echo 1 | tee /sys/class/graphics/fb0/rotate but it fails to rotate.

Why does the upstream image fail to rotate the framebuffer ?

Note:what is the difference between upstream and downstream images ?