Change device tree on IMX7D using OpenEmbedded (core)

Hello, I have built an toradex image from the OpenEmbedded (core) tutorial page. Now I need to change the device tree of my IMX7, I looked online and I found it realy realy confusing to do so.
I understood that I need to change .dts files that I have on kernel-source/arm/boot/dts folder. So how do I simply do it and rebuild the image and then do the toradex easy installer again ??? Becuase there isn`t any tutorial as simple as that, they mostly talk about U-boot and which I find confusing.

I appreciate the help

Yes, you can use Toradex easy installer to reflash a whole image including DTB or you can just replace a dtb file. Device tree and Linux kernel are located on partition 1 of eMMC (/dev/mmcblk0p1) which is auto mounted as /media/mmcblk0p1/

Please note - to rebuild only Kernel and/or Device tree you don’t need to run whole OpenEmbedded build. Pleas check this article.

Hello Alex,

Thanks for your reply. As I said Im finding the tutorial confusing, Im not finding what steps I need to do. The project Im working with needs to make pin 45 of the IMX7D (standard WAKEUP source, we dont need wakeup sources) as sysfs so I can change it to high or low through the OS. I understood now that I can just replace the .dtb file in /media/mmc... Going through the article for me is not helping, I cant find what files I need to edit, and I didt get it if I need or not to install a new toolchain if I already have all the OE building tools installed on my PC. Sorry if Im asking really basic questions but I just started working with it. I appreciate any help.

Please read this article and watch a recorded webinar (at the bottom )

I followed the explanation that @max.tx gave here and worked like a charm !

Perfect that it works. Thanks for the feedback.