Change default rtc to rtc1 Apalis iMX8

Very similar to this question I have a carrier board without external rtc so I want to force system clock to use of internal SoC rtc.
I want to do it with a rule on boot time. I followed this example but it wasn’t successful.
my 99-rtc1.rules content is as below:

KERNEL=="rtc1", SUBSYSTEM=="rtc", DRIVER=="", ATTR{name}=="imx-sc-rtc", SYMLINK="rtc", MODE="0666"

What am I doing wrong?

Apalis iMX8QP V1.1B
Diamond Systems Eaglet board
BSP 5.2

Hi @farshid616

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Have you checked /etc/udev/rules.d/localextra.rules file?if not just replace rtc0 with rtc1 and check.