Change default package version used in bitbake recipe


How can I change the default version of a package used in bitbake recipe? I need to use libmodbus version 3.1.2 but the version used by bitbake is 3.0.5.

Can anyone help?


If the desired package version were already available in one of the meta layers included in the build system, you could set the preferred version using:

PREFERRED_VERSION_libmodbus = "3.1.2"

However, as you’ve deduced, the latest libmodbus recipe in meta-oe is only 3.0.5. No other version is listed in the OpenEmbedded Layer Index. Therefore, you’d need to write a new recipe for this version: This could prove non-trival depending on the nature of its dependencies and if other recipes have dependencies on libmodbus.

What is driving your need for libmodbus 3.1.2?

Edit: Oddly enough there appears to be a discrepancy on the OE Layer Index site. The latest recipe I found happens to be for libmodbus 3.0.6. The recipe appears easily modifiable and the source location includes source code for libmodbus 3.1.2. If luck is in our favor, simply copying the recipe file to and updating the checksums may be all that is required (again, dependencies could be an issue).

I need to use version 3.1.2 because I have an application coded using this version and I want to port to Vybrid. I succefully build the library from source code and install it manually but I think it is a good idea generate a package and install it using the package manager.

I don’t know how why the OE build version 3.0.5 since the last stable release is 3.0.6 and dates from 2013-10-06.