Change Bootloader output port on Colibri iMX6

I could change/disable the Bootloader output port for Colibri VF50, but I could not do it for Colibri iMX6. I refer following pages,

I noticed that the page for changing has no descriptions for iMX6, but I would like to believe that I can do it on iMX6. Do you know how to change the output port on Colibri iMX6? I have attached the informations by each Bootloaders.

thank you.

Currently output from the bootloader is fixed on UARTA.
We plan to support the same configuration options we have on other modules, but we still haven’t an entry for this in our roadmap.
I’ll add it and we will try to update the roadmap as soon as possible.

Hi, valter, thank you for your answer. My carrier board is the Iris, and it has only one 9PIN RS232C on UARTA. If we can change/disable output port, we easily can use full functional port for our Applications. I hope Toradex would revise the roadmap and implement it as soon as possible. thank you

P.S. For the Iris, if the output port is fixed, the best is 3PIN UARTC.

The roadmap for the iMX6 WinCE BSPs can be found here:

Hi, roman, thank you for your information. I am looking forward to be added this to the roadmap. thank you.

I am having exact same question. Do you have a solution now? I was able to change the debug port from UART A to UART C with UBoot V2.6. However the fix doe not work on UBoot V2.7.

Actually you do not have the same question, as you don’t even use the same OS. So please create a new question on this.