Change active tabpage font color in VS8 C#

I have TabControl in VS8 for CF colobri T20. I need to change the tabpage color or font color for selected tabpage.

Hello deepak,

Here is a small code sample :

//Get the selected tab page    
TabPage _SelectedTabPage = tabControl1.TabPages[tabControl1.SelectedIndex];        
//Change the background color (example is black)    
_SelectedTabPage.BackColor = Color.Black;

Actually the selected tabpage header font color has to be change.

Ok, I understand.
I think there is no easy way to do it in Compact Framework.

I think the best way is to hide the TabControl Header and do a custom header by yourself using buttons or panels.

Have a look here

We also don’t have any simple solution for this. However, we are not too experienced with .netcf.