Card-specific configuration sound card

I have colibri IMX6DL ver 1.1 that have an onboard SGTl5000
I want to efficiently split it two mono in/out sound card.
I try to use alsa, I try to add it to /usr/share/alsa/cards/ as card specification config
But I couldnt find the one for this module.
where is and what is the card specification config for this module?

also I try to do it alsa, where I should do it from /etc/asound.conf or .asoundrc ?
if .asoundrc where is it ?

Hi @kave

Thanks a lot for contacting us. Which BSP version do you use? What kind of changes do you want to do? There is etc/asound.conf which you can edit. I guess for the sgtl5000 there is no specific card configuration available. That’s why you can’t find it under /usr/share/alsa/cards. You can find the hardware cards under /proc/asound/cards.