Capacitive touch control is not working on colibri imx8x


I am using capacitive 7" touch display with colibri imx8x. I have added the “colibri-imx8x_panel-cap-touch-7inch_overlay.dtbo” overlay to the TEZI_EXTERNAL_KERNEL_DEVICETREE_BOOT variable. I can see that the overlay is loaded properly while the system boots. Display is working fine. Resolution is correct. But touch control is not working. Am I missing any overlay or configuration here?

Hello @jesvinonnet ,
Which BSP are you using?
Have you checked that the connection to the board is correct as described here?

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Hi @josep.tx ,

I am using the Yocto kirkstone. I hope it is 6.0. I don’t know how to check the exact version. The connection is correct. Because I am flashing the image using the easy installer, touch functionality is working in the easy installer as I added the overlays “colibri-imx8x_parallel-rgb_overlay.dtbo colibri-imx8x_atmel-mxt-connector_overlay.dtbo display-lt161010_overlay.dtbo”. But in the latest yocto version, I see these 3 overlays and merged into “colibri-imx8x_panel-cap-touch-7inch_overlay.dtbo”.

Hello @jesvinonnet

You can check the contents of /etc/issue file

You can also check the contents of the /boot/overlays.txt file to ensure that the overlay is there.

Lastly , as a check procedure you can reflash the module with one of our reference images (at the time of writing this , it is 6.3.0+build.7 for Colibri iMX8X), then activate the overlay and check that it works.

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I created one one custom distribution. So /etc/issue contains only my distribution name. One surprising fact is the there is no overlays folder inside /boot. I added image_type_tezi and updated the TEZI_EXTERNAL_KERNEL_DEVICETREE_BOOT variable. If I didn’t add “colibri-imx8x_panel-cap-touch-7inch_overlay.dtbo”, then I can see that the display resolution is wrong. But when I add the overlay, the resolution become correct. But by /boot folder is empty. Is there any other place I need to make change for the touch screen configuration?

I installed the multimedia reference image and changed the overlays.txt file to colibri-imx8x_panel-cap-touch-7inch_overlay.dtbo. Then everything works fine. Do you know anywhere else I need to make change?

Hi @josep.tx,

I can see the build name as 6.4.0. Is it the BSP version? I mount the /dev/mmcblk0p1 to /media/boot, then I can see the overlay folder and overlay.txt file. The content of the overlays.txt is


Below image has the folder structure

Still the display works fine, but not the touch screen. Do you know anything else we can do here?

Hi @josep.tx ,

I added ‘kernel-modules’ into the IMAGE_INSTALL. Then it worked.