Capacitive touch 7 inch support with imx8!

I have an Apalis imx8qm 4GB module with Ixora V1.2A carrier board and a 7 inch capacitive display.
I read online that this display is not supported by imx8 module. I was wondering why is that? is there some hardware incompatibility or just the matter of setting up proper configuration? I would love to add this display to my board. i know that lvds 10 inch is supported however that is on the pricier side and I would like to minimize the cost of our solution.


Hello @fahads ,
As the datasheet for this module says, in chapter 5.6.1:

The Apalis iMX8 does not feature a parallel RGB LCD interface. Nevertheless, it is possible to
implement an LVDS or DSI to RGB converter on the carrier board in order to attach such a display.

You cannot use this display in Ixora “out of the box” , but you can implement an LVDS to RGB converter on your own ( the Ixora board does not have DSI output).
We are not sure, however, if this would be even more expensive than getting the LVDS display.

Regarding your 7 inch display, did you buy it from us? Because these displays are sample products, not meant to be used in a production environment.

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Hi @fahads!

Do you have news on this topic?

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