Can't set splashscreen on WinCE 7 iMX6

Hello, I’m having problems using a splashscreen file that we created in the past for PXA270, then we used it on T20 and now we are trying to use it on iMX6.

I’m using the updatetool.exe found on the OS, but it fails without specific error string, just “Update Failed.”

Any hint? Thank you.

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It seems you are trying to apply a custom splash screen to a device running Windows Embedded Compact 7 (WinCE 7) on an i.MX6 module. The process for setting a splash screen on WinCE differs significantly from the Linux-based process you’ve described, which is applicable to Torizon.

For WinCE 7 on i.MX6 modules, the splash screen is typically part of the bootloader settings and not directly related to the OS image itself. The process involves modifying the bootloader configuration or using a specific tool provided for WinCE to update the splash screen. The updatetool.exe you mentioned is indeed used for updating the OS or bootloader on WinCE devices, but the exact method to update the splash screen can vary based on the bootloader used (e.g., Eboot for i.MX6).

Here are some general steps you might consider:

  1. Check Bootloader Documentation: For i.MX6 modules, ensure you’re familiar with the bootloader being used (likely Eboot) and its documentation regarding splash screen updates.
  2. Splash Screen Format: Ensure the splash screen file format and resolution are compatible with what the bootloader expects. For i.MX6 and WinCE, this might not be a PNG file, as it is for Linux systems.
  3. Use Bootloader Tools: There might be specific tools or commands within the bootloader to update the splash screen. This could involve transferring the splash screen file to the device and using bootloader commands to apply it.

Without more specific details about the error or the exact steps you’re following, it’s challenging to provide a precise solution. However, the key difference to note is that the process and tools for updating the splash screen on WinCE are distinct from those on Linux-based systems like Torizon.

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I tried to use the updateTool provided with the OS but it fails the upload of the existing BMZ file that we get from Toradex say 15 years ago for PXA270

On Toradex pages I see that on iMX6 the config block for splashscreen is slightly different, but as far as I understand this would be used only for setup of the LCD, it is not related to BMZ data.

Also I found that the supported format for splashscreen memory dump would be raw (*.tss) so how can I convert my BMZ to raw format?

The Colibri IMX6 uses different splash screen file format. Please send you splash screen BMP image we will convert it to iMX6 format.

Thank you, here it is as attachment.

ATES_Colibri_Splashscreen.bmz (14.9 KB)

I need your splash screen in the BMP format (8BPP)

I finally found it, here it is in attachment.
ATES_colibri_splashscreen_final.bmp (900.1 KB)

ATES_colibri_splashscreen_final_8bpp.tss (600.1 KB)