Can't follow getting started "Linux Terminal and Basic Usage - Linux"

Hello, I’m new to the community and to linux.

I got a Colibri iMX6 that already had a WinEC, I was able to install TorizonCore image with Docker runtime as explained in the Getting Started tutorial, and I want to follow all the steps on this to have an easy introducction to this.

My problem is, that once I turned my board back on, I am asked with

“colibri-imx6-xxxxx login:”

Since the tutorial says that I shouldn’t worry about this and should type

“$ sudo apt install putty”

I did. But it won’t work and I don’t know what I could do to get it right and just carry on with the tutorial.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @cae30989 ,

Thanks for your question, you’ve provided a valid point here.

At the beginning of each module, and at the beginning of each lesson, we show the topographic conventions, that show which commands should be inserted in the board and which command should be inserted in the host PC.

Per this convention, the "$ sudo apt install putty" command should be inserted on your host PC to install PuTTy in your machine.

However, I see that this information may be not clear, so I will request the team a change in the instruction text to make more clear that this command should be sent to the host PC.

If you need any additional information, please, let us know.

Thank you very much, for this answer.

I must say that I have never worked like this before and I’m having a hard time to follow this part.

My question now is, how do I conect the host (my computer) to the guest (my Colibri iMX6)? Am I missing a program that helps the conection work?

Thank you.

Hi @cae30989

Could you please state what is not clear for you?

For connection to your target (guest) you can either choose to connect using ssh protocol or using any console client as minicom or screen?

Best regards,

Hi @jaski.tx,

my problem is that my host computer isn’t Linux but Windows and since the tutorials only apply for Linux it’s hard to unterstand. Do need to install anything else to make the connection between my host and guest possible?

Thank you.


There is no issue. For the connection between your host and guest, I would recommend you to use the proposed client named putty on windows and connet over serial connection.

Best regards,