Cant find ProductID/SerialNO


I try to do a recovery on a T30 module, but it needs the Serial Number/ProductID
I think I have calculated it OK, but it says it is not valide.

The number on module is 02819988

Using the predfined MAC numbert (00 14 2D) I get the number to
Hex: 00:14:2D:2B:07:94
Dec: 86657140628

ERROR: SerialNumber or ProductID lost
Please enter(or scan) the 16 digit barcode label data:

Did I calculate it wrong or entered it wrong?


To get a full 16 digit ProductID/SerialNO you can scan a barcode on a module by any app for your phone.

It’s actually a concatenation of ProductID/Ver/Serial N

In your case it should be - 0023110402819988
0023 - “Colibri T30 1GB” (or 0030 for “Colibri T30 1GB IT”)
1104 - ver 1.1E
0402819988 - Serial N

Spot on :slight_smile: