Cant find cstdio (C++ Application on VS Code)

Hello !

Makefile project
Compiler: gcc

I have a problem with the integration of the cstdio library or rather with the integration of c++config.h which cstdio accesses.

I hav

e already installed this on the devcontainer with the devpackages. The file is there also under /usr/aarch64-linux-gnu/include/c++/10/aarch64-linux-gnu/bits/c++config.h . However, cstdio looks for this header (c++config.h) in the directory …/bits

. So I added another IncludePath in the c_cpp_properties.json.

Unfortunately or success. Can someone help me ?

Hi @billi1234 !

About the inclusion of c++config.h: it should not be directly included in a code. If you open the header, you will read:

/** @file bits/c++config.h
 *  This is an internal header file, included by other library headers.
 *  Do not attempt to use it directly. @headername{version}

But this is not your main issue. Seems like your setup is not able to find the toolchain.

Are you using VS Code on Linux or on Windows?

Also, could you please check if you followed every installation step of these articles:

Best regards,

Hi @henrique.tx


yes sure, cstdio.h will include c++config.h

Ok i will ceck this. but also have done this times before :sweat_smile:

In this Articel:

I don’t quite understand why I need a WSL. But I have executed the step. I have chosen according to the instructions Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, but it should also work with 20.04 LTS.

Im using VS Code on Windos 10.

now it seems as if it would work. In any case, no error is displayed from the warning (cannot find …), which I can disregard.

But now I get the following output:

[00-21 13:59:23.791] Initialization of Torizon extension
[00-21 13:59:23.823] Checking system settings…
[00-21 13:59:23.824] Check Moses …
[00-21 13:59:23.846] Starting the local backend instance running on port 5001
[00-21 13:59:33.908] Torizon backend version 1.0 API version: 1.0
[00-21 13:59:33.908] Torizon IDE backend started
[00-21 13:59:33.908] Check Docker …
[00-21 13:59:33.951] Docker version 20.10.11 build 847da18
[00-21 13:59:34.007] Trying to connect to Toradex Verdin iMX8M Mini on Verdin Development Board(06827445)
[00-21 13:59:34.900] Active configuration was selected 6e6666be-0329-4ab7-bb5b-34ae1e515eae, it is being updated.
[00-21 13:59:34.902] Initialization of Torizon C/C++ application.
[00-21 13:59:35.541] SDK-related functions are enabled for this project.
[00-21 13:59:35.581] Torizon: debian arm64v8 bullseye - backend_makefile - 6e6666be-0329-4ab7-bb5b-34ae1e515eae.
[00-21 13:59:35.635] LA_OPT_NXP_Software_License v5 January 2019 EULA accepted
[00-21 13:59:46.878] Toradex Verdin iMX8M Mini connected to Verdin Development Board(06827445)
[00-21 13:59:46.879] Torizon: all devices have been updated
[00-21 14:01:17.958] Prepare debug environment for C/C++ application…
[00-21 14:01:17.962] preLaunchTask build_debug is executed…
[00-21 14:01:18.965] Error while executing preLaunchTask.

Unfortunately, I have not found a way to solve this problem.

sombody could help?
despair at the problem for a week now…

solved it…was a problem with the makefile… no i can debugg