Can't access Iris Eval Board via RNDIS on Windows Host


I’m trying to flash a new image to our iMX7 eMMC via the Toradex Easy Installer. unfortunately does windows not recognize the Board as RNDIS device and thus I can’t access the Toradex Easy Installer.
I already tried my luck with autoinstall, but this was not successful. Without entering the recovery mode the board boots into the OS without any problem.

Does anyone have an idea how to get a new image on the board?


Hi @pkahlert

Could you provide the Software version of the module? Which Windows version are you using? Is the RNDIS driver installed?


Currently flashed is: colibri-imx7-emmc_lxde-image-tezi_2.7-20180104
I’m using Windows 7 Service Pack 1. The RNDIS driver should be installed, because I was able to flash the mentioned image, but since then its not working anymore.

Can you provide the dmesg log and the output of ifconfig?

Since the Toradex EasyInstaller is installed you could remote connect to the Module using VNC Viewer. Or you can connect a VGA Monitor and a USB Mouse to the Iris Board.

Once you see the Toradex Easy Installer on the Screen, you can select the image you want to install on the module.
By the way, if the module is connected to Internet, then it can download the image from Toradex Image Server. Additionally you can also copy the image to SD Card.


I can’t connect via VNC Viewer because Windows doesn’t recognize the USB device as RNDIS adapter.
The displays is also not able to get an input signal from the Iris Board.

Please find attached both requested outputs.

link text

link text

You can use Ethernet with the Toradex Easy Installer. Connect the board to a network with DHCP try using ip addr on the serial console, then use VNC to connect to this IP address.


I was able to solve the problem. I had the misconception that I had to flash the Toradex Easy Installer once, but apparently this is not the case. After executing the recovery.bat the I was able to start the Toradex Easy Installer.

I’m now still not able to flash, but this is might be a another question.

Note that the Colibri iMX7 do not have HDMI/DVI signals… Hence only the analog part of the DVI-I plug works. Use a DVI-I to VGA adapter to get display output.

hi @pkahlert,

Try to boot the module in recovery mode. Once you are in recovery mode, you should see the a device with the following hardware IDs with in the device manager.

If you see the device above in device manager, then you can launch recovery-windows.bat from this file. This would make to boot the module to Toradex Easy Installer, which will allow you to install your software image.