CANopen library for Apalis iMX6


I am currently working on a project and I will need to implement a CANopen interface on an Apalis iMX6Q module running a custom build of Linux BSP 5. Is there a preferred CANopen stack that should be used or can we just find any library that fits the bill? I cant seem to find much information on this at all anywhere which leads me to believe that any stack could be used, but was hoping that someone on here might have some recommendations.


Hi @morgan1361 ,

Do you want to use some CANopen devices or implement your own? Yes, all CANopen stack implementations should do, open source CANfestival as well.
Implementing your own CANopen device you may need to get your CANopen vendor-ID, along with some good testing / validation SW tools.


Hello @Edward ,

I will be implementing the Apalis module as a node on a CANopen bus, so it will be a custom device. We have plenty of experience doing this in microcontroller land (i.e. PIC32), but are pretty unfamiliar in Linux/Toradex land. So really I was just wanting to make sure that there wasn’t already a specific library recommended for the Apalis module and basically asking for general advice regarding libraries that anyone may have used successfully in the past. Don’t want to reinvent the wheel if we don’t have to.

We neither included CANopen to our images nor evaluated it. Since we are using Yocto/OpenEmbedded We can only suggest CANopen implementation included in OpenEmbedded index to make image build more sample.

If you’re not bound to a programming language, you might consider using /
Works fine for controlling motors and is very easy to build for any arm. This here seems then more powerfull and might reduce work needed even more. But we didn’t use it yet.

Best regards