Cannot register a Custom Component Package via Torizon Cloud


I’m trying to add a custom component package for a subsystem update and I tried to follow the documentation here Software Packages Management | Toradex Developer Center.

This is step 2 from the documentation:

But when I try to do it via my interface I see only two options and no Other option.

Is there an alternative way to add it or I need to enable some “Beta” flags in my account?

Thank you!

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I understand you’re facing issues with adding a custom component package due to missing options in the interface.

If the “Other” option is not visible, it might be related to the current version of the Torizon Cloud interface you are using or specific account settings. While there’s no direct mention of needing to enable “Beta” features for this functionality, it’s possible that updates or changes to the Torizon Cloud platform could temporarily affect the availability of certain features.

As an alternative approach, you can try using the TorizonCore Builder tool to create and push your custom component package to the Torizon Cloud. The TorizonCore Builder provides a command-line interface that allows for various operations, including the creation and management of custom packages. Here’s a brief overview of how you can use it for your purpose:

  1. Prepare your custom package: Ensure your package is ready and meets the requirements for a Torizon subsystem update.
  2. Use the TorizonCore Builder: Follow the instructions for the torizoncore-builder platform push command to push your custom package to the Torizon Cloud. This command requires you to specify the package file and other potentially necessary metadata.
  3. Verify in Torizon Cloud: After pushing the package using TorizonCore Builder, log into your Torizon Cloud account and verify if the custom component package is listed and available for deployment.

This method bypasses the need to use the web UI directly for adding a custom component package and might be a suitable workaround until the “Other” option becomes visible or the interface issue is resolved.

Remember, the TorizonCore Builder is a powerful tool that can help with various aspects of managing and deploying software for Toradex devices, offering an alternative path for tasks that encounter obstacles in the graphical interface of the Torizon Cloud.

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Please, also check if these links can help you solve your problem:

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Greetings @ollamh,

Let me bring this up internally and see if we can switch this on for you. I believe you’re correct and some beta flag or such needs to be set for your account. Could you tell me what the email is on this account you’re using here? Is it the same as yours, or different?

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Hi @jeremias.tx , yes, it is the same. Thank you!

I forgot, you should be able to enable beta features yourself as documented here: Torizon Cloud Overview | Toradex Developer Center

Try switching this on and let me know if that does it for your account.

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That did work, thank you very much!

Perfect glad to help!