Cannot PlayBack Video WEC2013(IMX6) using DirectShow


I have tried the video-playback(WinCE) example for WEC2013 on imX6
but could not show any video.

Only changes I have made is porting the exampe to VS2015 and writing an error-file
aswell as the FilterGraph-Logfile to \TEMP.
I’m attaching the example project with executables to this thread.
I’m also attaching the FilterGraph-Logfile, where it did run well until it tries to render the audio track.
There it ends with error: “RenderFile ended - return code 8004025c” which is “Cannot play back the audio stream: the audio format is not supported.”

Maybe I’m using the wrong container/codec combination? Do you have an example
video-file, which I could use?

link text

Yes, this may depend on the video format. We successfully played WMV videos, this may be the simplest choice. It’s also suggested to scale video to the screen resolution because doing that on-the-fly during playback may impact performances.

Thanks Valter, it WORKS !!! Finally, after one week of debugging, I hate this codec stuff.