Cannot GPIO control on Colibri iMX6


On Colibri iMX6, may not be able to control the GPIO.

We confirmed the following site, succeeded in almost GPIO pin control by gpiosysfs.

We weren’t able to control GPIO SODIMM pin146 (GPIO5_IO17).

root@colibri-imx6:/sys/class/gpio# echo 145 > export
-sh: echo: write error: Device or resource busy

( 145 = GPIO5_IO17 = (5-1)x32 + 17 )

  • /sys/class/gpio/gpio145 not exist .
  • Since the “GPIO” in the configuration of u-boot and device-tree, we think that there is no problem .
  • It has been confirmed that GPIO SODIMM pin146 is a GPIO (output) by “GPIOConfig Tool”

What is the cause of the problem ?

using dmesg | grep cannot you can see which pins are conflicted

We have self- resolve .
The cause was due to have left the description of the spidev to imx6dl-colibri-eval-v3.dts.
(This code is what we have added)


&ecspi1 {
status = "okay";

spidev1: spidev@2 {
	compatible = "spidev"; 
	reg = <0>;
	spi-max-frequency = <50000000>;

Sorry for upsetting you…