Cannot get Simple OpenGL ES Example to work


I am trying to implement the Simple OpenGL ES example on this webpage: 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration (GPU) | Toradex Developer Center, however I have run into issues. Note: I have already configured my IDE using the steps provided here: Setting up Development Environment with Visual Studio 2015 , and have already deployed simple Toradex template MFC applications successfully to my Colibri iMX6DL 512 MB board.

I cannot just open and run the demo solution because Visual Studio (I am using VS2015) gives a “project file loading error” when I try to open the solution. I figured this could be the result of using a different version of Visual Studio so I then decided to try and recreate the project by copy and pasting into a newly created project. So I created a new Toradex Template Win32 Windows Application and copied over the libraries from the demo, ImgLoder class, and images. I then went into the OpenGLDemo.cpp file and copied over the necessary openGL code, placing it in what I deemed to be the necessary locations. link text

I built the application at various points along the way, however the final build resulted in an “Invalid machine type 0x1C2” error. I have tried to implement this demo 3 times, twice as part of an MFC application (this is my target application type), and once as a Win32 application.

Perhaps this demo was not meant for my board type or OS? (I am running WinCE 2013 on the board)
Any help/direction would be much appreciated.

Hi @heath20 ,
The OpenGL Sample you reference was a VS2008 Project which targets CE7 OS.
You already created a VS2015 project and i think the only issue you still have now is the problem with the 2 import libraries that are included in the project:

libGLESv1_CM.lib and libEGL.lib

Those are also meant to be used with CE7 which has a machine type 0x1C2 in the headers, but on CE8 the machine type was changed to 0x1C4.

To satisfy the linker you have to replace the 2 lib files with the CE8 versions found in the CE8 SDK

let me know if this solves the issue.