Cannot connect to PC after resuming


I found following issue. Steps:

  1. Connect Usb, wait for Active Sync connected
  2. Execute in cmd: “repllog /d”.
  3. Wait for Active Sync disconnected.
  4. Wait for Power Manager suspends Colibri.
  5. Disconnect Usb cable.
  6. Wake up Colibri.
  7. Connect Usb cable.

In 7 I get dialog box: Port Not Availaible

“Cannot connect to PC. Stop any programs that may be using a connection, and try again. If the problem persists, reset your device according to the owner’s manual”.

PM settings:


Any idea? Thanks

Anybody can tells me something about this issue?

Hi. Sorry for the delay. I already looked into this but did not yet find solution. It will take me some time to try and fix it. I will get back to you in 10 days.

I tried with the latest image and so far I did not see the issue. Why do you use repllog /d? Why not just go to suspend?

Our app should be able to prevent system from going to sleep, because app interacts with peripheral modules such as gprs modem, bluetooth. When Colibri turn into sleep mode, battery driver power off this modules. Instead of just go to suspend, Colibri goes to sleep by means of PM, and if we don’t want sleep, we using SystemIdleTimerReset () in app. PM doesn’t Colibri into sleep mode until Active Sync is turned off when USB connected.

I find issue in my driver. The question is closed. I apologize for the time spent.