Can we use Viola Plus carrier board for production?

Can we use Viola Plus carrier board for production? and interface with Colibri T20 COM board.
Are there any drawbacks?


Hello Rajan,

It depends on the project requirement. If you can share some more details, we will be in a better position for recommend you.


Generally spoken: Yes, you can use it. Our smaller carrier boards Iris and Viola (Plus) are meant for volume production as well as for evaluation of our modules. Currently, Viola (Plus) is in Sample phase, as it is a relatively new product (V1.2). We already concluded all our internal testing and we didn’t see any issue. We plan to move the product state to Volume Product for Viola towards Q4. Main reason is, that we would like to get more customer feedback before we go to Volume Product status. But note, the products are already available in big quantities, so no problem on the supply chain side.
If you have further detailed technical questions, please create a new question and mark this answer as accepted if you agree.