Can we swap EHT1_MDI0_P and N pins?


In the Verdin Carrier Board Design Guide, there is a reference schematic for Gbit ethernet connections as shown below.

We used different connector than the suggested and I wonder whether we can freely swap the pins EHT1_MDI0_P and EHT1_MDI0_N due to proper layouting?

Similarly we would like to
swap EHT1_MDI1_P and EHT1_MDI1_N
swap EHT1_MDI2_P and EHT1_MDI2_N
swap EHT1_MDI3_P and EHT1_MDI3_N

Would it cause any issues?

Thank you.

Hello Fide,

In Theory this is possible, since the Microchip Ethernet PHYs has “auto polarity detection and correction” This means the KSZ9031 and KSZ9131 can correct this. With Auto-MDI-X it is also possible to swap Lanes Aand B and C and D.
But we never tested this but according to the docs this should work.

in general that should be possible:

Best Regrads,

Matthias Gohlke

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