Can´t find arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc using visual studio code

Dear support team,
I have a problem with my IDE. No matter which project type I choose, I always get the warning: can’t find “arm-linux-gnueabihf-gcc”. This error is displayed in the c_cpp_properties.json file at the location “compilerPath”: “$ {env: CC}”. I followed all steps you discribed on developer site (I hope so). But I think I missed some point. Code is working and I can deploy an debug it, no problem.

Apalis iMX6Q V1.1B
Torizon 5.4.0
Ixora V1.1A

Greetings @JanP,

This is fairly common warning and can be safely ignored. The IDE just gets confused because the compiler is inside a container and not on the host system. Therefore the IDE “thinks” the compiler is missing. However, this is obviously not the case as you pointed out the code still builds, and works fine despite the warning.

Again, feel free to ignore this warning.

Best Regards,