Can not work multiple USB Webcam on WinCE 7

We want to use two USB Webcam with Colibri imx6.

But, it can not be switched “CAM1” to “CAM2” and/or “CAM2” to “CAM1”.

The situation

  1. Two USB Webcam connect to the USB port.

  2. Demo Application recognized the two cameras(“CAM1”, “CAM2”).

  3. Demo Application

“CAM1” select → Image USB Webcam corresponding to “CAM1”.

“CAM2” select → Image USB Webcam corresponding to “CAM1”.

The same camera is always selected whenever we change the other CAM.

Stream UVC Driver cam work well. This phenomenom happen with Directshow only.

Could you please give some advice to fix the issue ?

Thank you for your effort. We are looking this issue now.
Also, we have another method to see Dual USB UVC camera preview, please refer below.

  1. Install Directshow UVC driver from here.
  2. Insert 1st USB UVC Camera.
  3. Run Installed UVC Camera application from FlashDisk(DShowTestApp.exe).
  4. Insert 2nd USB UVC Camera.
  5. Download and keep this special application(Executable directory) on the FlashDisk.
  6. Import “import_MyFilter.reg” registry.
  7. Run DShowTestApp_gdi.exe. This will draw preview on the GDI of the 2nd USB UVC camera.

You can capture still images from both the camera using “capture → still capture”. We also shared this special application source code on the download link.

This is just preliminary release, you would see below issues. We are working on it and let you know the update when we resolved.

  • Preview stuck for a while on these cameras.
  • Maybe observed very slow processing and preview patches will be on the display.

Please let us know if you need any help on this and feedback as well.

Thank you for your reply.

We were able to preview the Dual USB UVC camera in your method.

However, we can only preview one camera in one application.

In One Application

CAM1 Preview

CAM2 Preview

We want to preview the Dual USB UVC camera in one application.

Is it possible?