Can not upload custom packages (docker-compose files) to TorizonOTA



I’m trying to upload custom packages (docker-compose files) on a newly created account. This does not work.

Expected Behaviour

After initiating a custom package upload on the TorizonOTA WebUI the package will be uploaded with the given information (docker-compose.yml, package name, version, compatible devices, tags) and displayed in the custom package view of the WebUI.

Actual Behaviour

After executing the following steps:

  1. Navigate to “Packages” view in TorizonOTA WebUI
  2. Click on ‘+ ADD NEW PACKAGE’
  4. Select docker-compose.yml from file system (it’s previewable)
  5. Click on ‘CONTINUE’
  6. Add package details (rename docker-compose.yml to ‘private_registry_test’, leave version with autofilled hash, supported hardware: docker-compose, tag: my-package)
  7. Click on ‘UPLOAD’

UI displays and error with conflicting version (see screenshot) and no package is displayed in custom packages list.

Tried it probably around 20 times including, using different docker-compose.yml naming schemes, generated my own 32 character hex hash, different docker-compose version in the file (version 2 and version 3). No luck.

Hi @John,

Thank you for reporting this, I was able to reproduce this issue on my side as well. I’ve reported this bug to the team for further investigation and fixing.

Best Regards,

Hi @John, I believe this issue has been resolved by recent updates to our production system. Please reopen or submit a new ticket if you are still having issues.