Can I use ECSPI2 pins freely on Verdin iMX8M-Plus?


For our project, we have decided to use Verdin iMX8M-Plus with Integrated WiFi module.

I have used Toradex Pinout Designer to decide which ports should be used for required peripherals in the project and solved all conflicts as you can see in the following image.

Second SPI requirement is solved only by using ECSPI2 pins. But I’ve just seen a note in the Verdin iMX8 Plus Datasheet that Pin 116 and 128 which are ECSPI2_MISO and CS are also connected to AW-CM276NF WiFi module’s pin 46 and 28. Does that mean, ECSPI2 cannot be used for my own peripheral?

Thank you.

Hi @Fide !

Indeed, those pins 116 and 128 are used for the integrated wifi module. Also, their functions are not related to SPI (page 39 from Verdin iMX8M Plus Datasheet).

What you could do is use other pins to fulfill the MISO and CS functions. From the datasheet, you have two other pins for MISO (SODIMM 72 and 14) and also two other pins for CS (SODIMM 70 and 12).

Hoping that those pins are not in use for your application, they might be the solution for you.

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Thank you for the reply. As you can see on the image, unfortunately all alternative pins you mentioned are yellow (means already occupied for others). What we need in the project is 4 UART, 2 SPI Master, 1 QSPI Master, 3 I2C. Having such system looks like possible in the Pinout Designer (0 conflict), but it seems in reality it is not. Please see the project.xml for the Pinout Designer that I uploaded below.

Project.xml (356.5 KB)

Hi Fide, your project still shows some conflicts. What is your actual HW requirements? Can you connect all your I2C devices to one I2C line? If you don’t need a parallel access to your SPI devices you can utilize only one SPI channel and select current device (CS) by any available GPIO line.

Well, Pinout Designer version 1.3.20 seems fix the issue. I will shift second SPI requirement to the FPGA available in the project ( luckily :slight_smile: ). Thanks Alex.