Can I receive BSP source code ? for PAX320 + Orchid Carrier Board


I bought LVDS converter

and LCD G104SN03 from AUO. It is recommended for the converter.

but it doesn’t work with my PXA320 board (not Colibri).
So I want to buy Toradex PAX320 module + Orchid Carrier Board.

I want to see LCD controller configuration and timing for Windows CE 5.0

Can I get the BSP source code if I buy the PAX320?
currently I can only download binary image on Toradex website. There is no source code.

Hi @b1uejet,
No, we don’t sell our source code. You could contact your local distributor for Marvell products and ask for access to the standard Intel/Marvell BSP for PXA320.