Can I load and run toradex easy installer via Pen Drive in WinCe 2013?

@sahilmaliyan @ritesh.tx @sahil.tx
I am trying to load toradex easy installer via Pen Drive on WinCe 2013.

And i am using Apalis IMX6 module with Ixora Carrier Board.

Is this possible and how?

Toradex Easy Installer can be loaded only over USB OTG using special loader on host side. Please check this article for more details.

Yes i am trying to load TEZI over USB otg but my window host pc failed to find device just showing unknown device error on device manager.
How to fix that issue?

Hi @Nasir,

I have already done this activity on remote sessions with you a few times in the last week and was able to flash the OS.

You might be missing something. I request you to again look at the article and follow the procedure step by step.

Please make sure that the module is in recovery mode and the connections are proper.
Also, get your UART connection ready as soon as possible for debugging.