Can I implement Secure FTP on Windows CE7 or EC2013?

Going to be purchasing one of your imx6 boards, and would like to know if I can implement SFTP on either WinCE7 or Windows Embedded Compact 2013?
Thank you.

On the server side there is a basic FTP server implementation for WEC 7 and WEC2013 available as documented on MSDN. As far as I know there is no built in SFTP functionality.

On the client sid there is not SFTP support neither.

Implementing client or server should be possible. There are several sources like OpenSSH for WinCE on Codeplex or also commercial solutions like this one.

Do you need Secure File Transfer Protocol or FTP over SSL?
For FTP over SSL, Windows CE also has native support for SSL sockets, it’s not very well documented and it works only in half-duplex mode (shouldn’t be an issue for FTP).
You can find a sample here:

If you need to support it as a client and already have code using sockets, you may just add SSL validation at the beginning.
Full code of FTP server on CE is available under the
folder, this may be a starting point if you plan to implement it as a server.