Can I have more than one build directory in an oe-build

I like to have different configuration in conf/local.conf used in parallel without having to rebuild everything when changing between these configuration.

You can make copies of the export script and have the BUILDDIR variable in that new file point to your second directory.


--- export-fb.orig      2016-08-03 13:09:43.064802612 +0200
+++ export-fb   2016-08-03 13:10:12.190958029 +0200
@@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
 ECHO=`which echo`
 cd stuff/openembedded-core/
 if [ ! -f ${BUILDDIR}/conf/local.conf ]; then

Now you can switch between your configuration by sourcing one or the other of your export files.

Edit the files in conf/ to what is need for your second build setup.

You can save downloading the sources a second time by making sure that all your conf/local.conf files have the DL_DIR variable point to the same directory rather than to the default relative path.

-DL_DIR ?= "${TOPDIR}/downloads"
+DL_DIR ?= "../build/downloads"