CAN-FD on Ixora board ?


Is it projected to provide Ixora carrier boards with a CAN-FD transceiver? I see that the board uses ADM3053BRWZ, which does not support CAN-FD, while ADM3055EBRIZ, with the same footprint supports CAN-FD. apalix IMX8 SOCs also include CAN-FD controllers (from what is indicated in the datasheet).


Hey @DuclairTiomo,

Do you know what version Ixora Board you have? Ixora v1.3 uses the ADM3057EBRWZ which has two CAN FD interfaces. Here is the datasheet for V1.3


Hi @eric.tx ,

I use the v1.2.
Thanks for the update then.
I can see on the datasheet of v1.3, the baud-rate indicated is 1Mbps whereas CAN-FD normally can go up to 8Mbps is the limit indicated on the datasheet intentional?


Hey @DuclairTiomo,

Let me double check on the units*

– Edit : The data rate may be a typo on our datasheet, so forwarding to the appropriate team-members for validation.

Thanks and will respond back when I know.