CAN-Bus on pin 55 and 63 for Colibrì iMX6ULL

Dear Sirs,
on Colibrì iMX6ULL, I am trying to use the driver can1 available on pins 55 and 63, drived by flexcan compiled in openembedded / yocto, as indicated in Toradex documentation.
I’m using the dts file imx6ull-colibri-wifi-eval3.0.dts.
The problem is that pins 55 and 63 are not assigned to can1 and remain set as generic gpio digital input.
Can you indicate where is the problem and how to fix it?
Thank you.


You have to change the device-tree accordingly.
E.g. you have to remove the currently assigned pin functions, add a new pin group which muxes the two pins to the flexcan functionality and set the status of the relevant can node to okay.

I actually today added a patch which should make this easier.

Assuming you cherry-pick that commit you would need to remove pinctrl_hog_7, and take the &flexcan1 reference outside of the #if 0 #endif block.