Can bus Error Frame Flexcan

  • We are using Yocto release in our Toradex “Apalis iMX8QP” board and we have a can hub that connects up to 6 boards that contains MCU as PIC32MX and PIC18F25K83.

  • Toradex communicate the other boards via canbus.

  • There is also a can hub board in the system that all boards can connect.

  • When we connect the MCU boards to the canhub board the communication is stable and all data flow is correct without any error frame.

  • We build the Yocto for Toradex that can send and receive canbus data. We tried this process by using Kvaser usb-can converter. There is no error frame occured when we connect the can-high can-low to Kvaser tool.

  • When we connect the MCU boards to Kvaser there is not any error frame also.

  • They are working correctly separately.

  • But when we connect the Toradex board and MCU boards through canhub board there are lots of Error Frames occured.

  • The canbus bitrate is 125kbps.

  • We suspect the bit quanta timings.

  • We use Flexcan in Toradex Board.

What can be the main reason of error frames?

Hi @Mesut and Welcome to the Toradex Community!

Regarding your question, I would like to ask some questions:

  • What the version of the Hardware (including carrier board) and Software of your module?
  • Could you provide a connection diagram of your CAN Setup?
  • An error log of the error frames would be very useful.

What can be the main reason of error frames?

Currently I can only think of missing termination but not more.

Thanks and best regards,