Can Bus 120 ohm closing resistance

Hi there!

Im using the ixora carrier boards’ CAN pins, but our devices only recognise that a CAN signal has been sent out if we connect an external 120ohm resistance to the cable we used to connect the board and the can device.

Im wondering if there is an internal option for this, and the board has a 120ohm CAN closing resistance, that can be switched on. If so, i would like your help on how i could turn this feature on.

Thanks in advance!

To allow Ixora board be used as a middle node CAN bus termination resistors R107, R108, R113, R114 and capacitors C112, C121 are not assembled. Unfortunately it’s not possible to switch termination on/off by some sort of signals, though you can populate missing components to permanently add a termination. Please check Ixora board schematic for details.