Camtest.exe or DShowTestApp.exe does not capture image

i want to run a simple webcam on toradex.
i went through the following:

i downloaded the demo applications (.cab files) for windows embedded compact 2013.

more information

  1. CamTest.exe
    when started, the camera (c310) light glows, and debug messages appear like this (no video feed visible)

when tried to capture still image an error pops up

  1. Dshowtestapp.exe
    same thing here (but light does not glow) and error messages on debug appear like this

  2. i followed the first three troubleshooting steps given at the above links, the last one i could not understand, if performing the last step solves the problem, then please help me in doing that, else some other solution is acceptable too!



under USB Webcam for Windows CE | Toradex Developer Center you can see that you need to add some components to OS. Those are not included by default on Vybrid.

You can find binary BSP here → Board Support Package for Windows CE - Toradex

And workspace here → Microsoft Windows CE Platform Builder Workspace - Toradex

thanks for the quick reply.

just to be clear, i have to make my own OS, by adding the above mentioned BSP?

how will i achieve that?
do i need some software (platform builder?) to build OS image?

i have no idea about “adding components to OS”, (i know only how to use them ;P)

please provide me links where i can read about it OR please tell me basics so that i can get started.

thanks again

waiting for your helpful response


We have built WEC2013 image with DSHOW components added. Please download from here.
Please unzip and program NK.bin over VF61 using Update tool or boot loader menu.
Please let me know is this solves the issue?