Camera Support for AM62 - How many camera's can be supported?

There is a need to support 6 FPD-GMSL camera’s in a system. How that could be supported in AM62 SOM based system.


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  • Simple answer is we do not have any off the self carrier board which can be used with 6 FPD-GMSL camera.

  • Now complex answer, it is certainly possible to do 6 FPD-GMSL camera to MIPI CSI using SerDes chip which can provide 6 virtual channel stream to MIPI CSI. This require custom board design and respective driver for Deserializer chip.

  • Verdin AM62 MIPI CSI do provide virtual channel so connecting should be possible but that said it heavily depends on exact use case of the 6 cameras.

  • If you want to do any real processing on all stream then we suggest to check Apalis iMX8QM.

  • Why not Verdin iMX8MM and Verdin iMX8MP as the MIPI CSI on them lacks virtual channel.

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this company offers GMSL to MIPI convertor boards. not sure if they provide arm linux support but quite possible they do.