Calibri T30 OpenGL (GLUT)

Hi. I have developed applications in VS using the Opengl graphics library and GLUT. It runs fine on my Windows computer. When I transferred (the exe file of the program) I get an error when starting the file. Tell me what could be the problem.
Board Calibri T30

What program language did you use to develop your program? What OS and its release version you have on Colibri T30? Could you please share error message you getting when starting the file? Please enable the debug messages over UART collect log and share it.

The board has a CE7 operating system. The program is written in C++. I will attach the program as an archive.

чт, 1 дек. 2022 г. в 23:04, alex.tx via Toradex Community <>:

Unfortunately provided zip file is not accessable. COuld you please use Toradex share server?
I still missing info about BSP version, error message and debug serial log.

gave you access to the file

пт, 2 дек. 2022 г. в 18:02, alex.tx via Toradex Community <>:

I can’t see any source code there.