Calculate serial number from mac address

The docs describe how the mac address is linked to the SOM serial number here MAC Address | Toradex Developer Center (if the mac address has not be forced to another value). Could you provide some python script in addition to the MAC Address | Toradex Developer Center for linux users (or other users which do not have ms excel)?

You can use this formula:

serial = int('<Serial#>')
print("00:14:2D:" + format((serial >> 16) & 0xFF, '02X') + ':' + format((serial >> 8) & 0xFF, '02X') + ':' + format(serial& 0xFF, '02X'))

Great, thanks a lot!

…but I need the other way around: mac → serno


mac = '<MAC>'
serial = (int(mac[9:11], 16) << 16) + (int(mac[12:14], 16) << 8) + int(mac[15:17], 16)
format(serial, '08d')

Thanks a lot!

BTW: The serial number also gets passed from U-Boot via device tree:

root@apalis-tk1:~# cat /proc/device-tree/serial-number; echo 

The prefix 00:14:2D is independent of the TK1 SOM HW version (V1.1A vs. V1.2A), right?

Yes, that’s the Toradex OUI (Organizationally Unique Identifier).

Great, thx.

you are welcome.