C# SDK for Visual Studio 2012 / Colibri T30 Windows Compact 2013

Dear Toradex Team,

I try to build a Form Application in Visual Studio 2012 for the Colibri T30/Windows Compact 2013.

I can only build Console Application in C#.

Do you have a SDK for Visual Studio 2012 (C#)?

Where I can find it?

Currently there is an issue with the WEC2013 SDK. Some templates for C# are missing on different Visual Studio versions. We are working on that a solution. As long as we the fix is not ready, we made a pregenerated C# Application project. Could you try to use this one? You get the template from here. Copy them into the following folder, where as XX is actually your Visual Studio version:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio XX.0\Common7\IDE\ProjectTemplates\CSharp\Windows Embedded Compact\Toradex_CE800\1033

@Saphymo: The “.” at the end of the sentence was also added to the link. I have updated the Link accordingly, it should work now.

And how long will it take to fix it?

Thak you,
have a nice day

Dear Samuel,

thank you for your answer.

The link doesn’t exist.

Best regards


@wlacho: We will check this issue again after the releasing a new Tegra image V2.0 beta 1. After that we will give it a try to generate a new SDK, that fixes the issue. We are do not fully understand the issue yet, either it is an issue of the SDK generation or of the BSP configuration. Depending on what is the reason for the missing templates it will take some more or less time. If you need any other missing template let us know.

We have releaase a new SDK 2.0.2 that should the missing template feature. You can download it from here.