C# How to draw faster in CE 6.0

Hello ,
I’m making an application for CE 6.0 (using VF61) ,
I draw different background for different forms ,
Bg drawing process taking 2 much time ,
Res is 1024x768 ,
In other SDKs I could use :
To change the setting and get it drawn faster , in this SDK they are not available , anyone who had same experience can suggest me something ?


VF modules do not have any hardware acceleration and there for if you draw lots of things in .NET its going to be slow.

2 name spaces ( InterpolationMode and CompositingMode ) are not avalible in .NET Compact framework.

Yea, I do know that, that’s why Im looking for some alternatives ,
Maybe you know of some good way of buffering the images ?
Thank you for you answer.

No, I am sorry we are not aware of any optimisations on .NET you could do to make it faster.

If .NET CF is slow what about Linux? The application will running faster?

You can also try using QT on WinCE.