C++ DLL working with i.MX6 but not with Tegra T20


I’ve developed an application for a i.MX6 and works pretty well.

This application is developed in C# for WEC2013 and I’ve developed a DLL in C++ that uses the Toradex libraries since with this library I can speed up my software.

Now I would like to migrate the software to a Toradex T20 but the C++ DLL I’ve developed doesn’t work with the T20 module since when I try to load a method it raises the following error: "Can’t find PInvoke DLL ‘LaserLibrary.dll’. How can I do for make it will work also on the T20 Module? What should I change in the library?

I hope you will help me.

Kind regards

Dear @emmettbrown,

Is there any other platform dependent DLL or library that can’t able to load on T20. Could you please share a small reproducible project with us, let me try to find the solution with that.

Thank you.