c++ 11 on WEC7


We want to use features of C++ 11 in our Application. So we are going to upgrade our visual studio to 2013 for this.
As we are using WEC7 and using Toradex Windows Embedded Compact 7 SDK, Will our application developed on visual studio 2013 using C++11 be compatible and run successfully ?

Bipin Kumar

Dear @bipin7301,

WEC7 application can’t possible to build using VS2013 due to the compiler is included with VS2008, also C++ 11 doesn’t support from WEC7 compiler.

WEC2013 compiler supports New ARM Embedded-Application Binary Interface (EABI) and Requires ARMv7/Thumb2 and VFPv3-D32 which make binary incompatible with WEC7.

If you want C++11 feature then you need to use WEC2013. Applications can be built using VS2013 or VS2015. Our modules license are included with WEC2013 license. But there are quite some changes on WEC2013, please refer below links for more information

Please let us know if you have any other questions.