Building torizonCore from source

I need to rebuild the linux kernel in order to change kernel options (CONFIG_MTD_RAM=y for example). I tried
to follow this article: but after some hours of building, an error occurs while fetching the go_systemd package.
So I found an other way to compile the kernel on this article : But it only deal with compiling toradex embedded images for linux.

So here is my question: is it possible to rebuild torizonCore from source-code in the same way we can make it with toradex embedded images ?

If it is possible, i don’t understand where I can put my custom kernel in the image, does anybody knows how to do ?

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Greetings @rfonck,

It’s really recommended to build everything with Yocto. While you can build the kernel stand-alone for Torizon it’s very error prone to replace it properly in an already deployed image. Furthermore building the kernel stand-alone for Torizon is also not straightforward. Since the kernel config for Torizon is not in the kernel source, so you’ll need to extract it from the device to your build machine.

Again I really recommend to use Yocto if possible. That being said what kind of error did you encounter with Yocto? go_systemd is a generic package and is not something we control.

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sorry but I already shared the issue about go-systemd here :

thanks a lot for your answer.

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May I close this question then and continue our discussion on the other thread?