Building TorizonCore 6.4.0 with Debug information for custom board fails in do_rootfs

Building Torizon6.4.0 for verdin-imx8mp fails with the following message:
WARNING: torizon-core-docker-1.0-r0 do_rootfs: torizon-core-docker: user torizon doesn’t exist, unable to modify it
ERROR: torizon-core-docker-1.0-r0 do_image: ExecutionError(‘/opt/tc640/build-torizon/tmp/work/verdin_imx8mp-tdx-linux/torizon-core-docker/1.0-r0/temp/run.nss_altfiles_set_users_groups.1971779’, 1, None, None)
ERROR: Logfile of failure stored in: /opt/tc640/build-torizon/tmp/work/verdin_imx8mp-tdx-linux/torizon-core-docker/1.0-r0/temp/log.do_image.1971779

Following additions were made to the local.conf:
EXTRA_IMAGE_FEATURES:append = " src-pkgs dbg-pkgs tools-debug eclipse-debug debug-tweaks "
IMAGE_INSTALL += “python3-pip uhubctl”

“bitbake torizon-core-docker” fails with the given message. Build succeeds without local.conf additions though.Configuration changes are made to have debug support for the custom board. Am I missing anything in the configuration?

Hi @OJeyachandran ,

In order to completely understand your requirement can you please share complete hardware details as you mentioned custom hardware.

  • Additionally were you able to compile default torizon-core-docker image if not please check default and let us know if you see same issue.

  • We would like to understand reason why do you need to build torizon-core-docker image using Yocto, as With Torizon OS we are trying to shorten the development time for custom image building step to ease development and use container environment to package application with required packages. Click here

  • We have TorizonCore builder tool which help customising Torizon OS for custom board. Please Click here to get more details on TorizonCore Builder.

  • For application development Toradex provide Torizon VS code plugin to ease application development. Click here

Let me know if you have any queries.
Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar

(1) I am building the image on the reference Verdin-iMX8MP Dahlia carrier board fails for the configuration in the previous message. As of, default torizon-core-docker, it builds without any issues.Only for the given additional debug configuration is failing.

(2) Detecting silent-failures/point-of-failure is tough on the custom board which interfaces with Atm90e3a chip. Hence resorting to the debug image build process as with one of the prototypes USB/ethernet show inconsistent behaviour and native debugging could be helpful with just debug UART.

(3) Glanced through the TorizonCore builder tool but not sure of the effectiveness of the same for the above mentioned reason.

(4) Using Torizon IDE Extension in one of the prototype boards and could install python drivers with it inside a container image. It is a great tool indeed with minimal docker knowledge and getting the turn-around time faster. But detecting silent-failures especially interacting with another chip on our custom board that do not show any obvious error message. Hence trying to build an image that could help debugging a little easier in the earlier stages.

Hi @OJeyachandran,

Thanks for sharing details, additionally please also share your company details and official email id to get in touch to further understand your requirement.

What we understand is that you are trying to interface ATM90E32AS with Verdin iMX8MP and unable to debug, please correct me if we get this wrong.

Further are you developing Linux kernel driver for the above chip or developing user space firmware ?

For user space you can still debug python script using Torizon vs code plugin, to see more detail if spi driver is failing you can take help of dmesg and journatctl logs etc.

In case you need to debug driver it will be more easy to work with kernel source code directly Build Linux Kernel from Source Code | Toradex Developer Center

Best Regards
Ritesh Kumar